Chopp - Skizzen Vol. l (German)

Tesla Flu - Vol. l (Instrumental)

Iceberg Slimm - Higher

Dead Poet - Kingdom Mindstate Vol. l

R33SoundMakin - Reach PenPusha R33's set

Jonaversal - Vernacular Velocity (GarageTapesVol​.​1)

Brew & Jake - Brew & Jake EP

Rashid Hadee - Hadee Meets Shemaiah Roberts

Entity - Second Wind

Verse Essential - Ingenious

J-Yak and Devers (Entourage) - Locals Only

Realistic - Greatest Hits

Jahni Quest - The Lost Adventures Of Jahni Quest

Andrew - Up With A Pad And Pen

Oneski & Koda Band - Freedom EP

Ishkan - 2 Lights

Doc Waffles - Ambulance Chasers

Scott D - Bluebell Ave.

HenMusic & OhBliv - The Social Experiment

dBcooper - Golden Mean EP


Deafinition - Resurrection

Deafinition - The Deafinite EP

Vinylsaurus Decks - Stone Age

D*B & M*E - Diemind

PanOptics - Stay Awake EP

Clear Soul Forces - Detroit Revolution(s)


Video: JR&PH7 feat. Skyzoo "Until It's All Said And Done"


Video: Waldo The Funk - Uhrwerk Toykis (prod. by Loop Skywalker)


Asieskes & Nasta - Lleka Mental


Dusted Blend Records - Flood The Streets Mixtape


Grand Angel - Nothings Never Easy


Ney Sean - Various Tracks


Video: Goondox - Raps Of The Titans ft Swollen Members, Jus Allah, Impakt, O Doub, Klee Magor, Virtuoso, Meth Mouth, Psych Ward & Jaysaun


Weapon-X - Unforgiven (Dir by Arash Tebbi)


Zilla Rocca ft. Has-Lo & Open Mike Eagle - Full Spectrum EP


Killamarai Allstars


Magma Grapple - The Grapple The Blessings


Godmode & Nevahmind - Complex City EP


After.Words - Before The War


Cityreal And Wes Mackey - Good Morning Blues


White Mic (Bored Stiff) & Z-Man (Gurp City) The Vegetable & The Ferret

Virus - Age Of Anxiety


Bam Circa86 - GodSpeedJahBless


Nepaul - An Old School Project


EQ - The Chronicles OF Black Lung


MOEdavey & Melodious Mike - Beauty Joints


Glad2Mecha - 5 Cigars Ant Enough 4 A Box of Raps


Awon, Kameleon Beats & Thomas Prime- Love Supersedes ll


Kwote1 -The B Side (Collecting Dust)