Video: Magek & DJ Raudo - La Calle

Video: Brash - Mind Flex

Video: My World Is Blue - White Trash Clan

EMC - The Blinding Forever

DJ Sonny High Light Of Hip Hop Mixtape Vol 2

Action Bronson & Alchemist – Rare Chandeliers (Mixtape)

Instrumental: Pro P - Boom Bap Beat Tape Volume 2

Prozack Turner - Bangathon

Stream: Prodigal Sunn & Chi King - Good Morning

Strahlemann - Monolog

Invest: MC Fübb - The Poet


Nfact & Dr. Dundiff - Thirty Minutes To Midnight

Instrumental: Slam53 - Dope On Bayan

Instrumental: Rokem - Dirty Diapers

Umse - Lieb Es Oder Lass Es

Invest: Hezekiah - Conscious Porn (Instrumentals)


Invest: S.O. - So It Continues

Cappadonna Presents - Natural Elements EP

Video: Beneficence ft.AG & DJ Kaos- All Real

Video: Professor P & Dj Akilles - Pro & Ak For President


Agallah Presents - Propain Campain The Mixtape

Batsu - Avalon

Instrumental: Nepaul - Beat Tape Vol. I

Invest: Nvolv - Ndestructible

83 Sound Presents - Standing Ovations

Matt Levy - I Love It

Frigid Giant - The River Tam

Invest: Joey & DaLoe - Everyday People

Chilled stuff, check it out!

Points Of Ellipsis - Adaption

Instrumental: Audible Doctor - And I Love Her

Bandcamp Stream

Link (Mediafire)

Video: Awon & Kameleon Beats - Brighter Days

Video: Pelson - Intro (Prod. Maui Wowie)

Video: Virtuoso - Authentic (Prod. J-Beat)

Video: The Lytics - Ring My Alarm

Video: Sav Killz - More Rice (Prod. Madlib)


Invest: Shut Eyes - Beats & Alphabetics

Either buy an icecream or that... since winter is coming ;))

Champ - Welcome To Wonderland

Rxnde Akozta - Un Ep De Rap

The Phonetics - Scheitern EP

Invest: Foreign Tongues Cult - Ugly, But Honest

Not ugly at all.

Avian Nalej - Rise Of A Rebel

Kanoe & Jeepz - Underground Travels

Josh Brown (J1Three) - Unresolved

Solo For Dolo - Asbury Rising EP

Buy the album here

Definite aka Loophole - The She EP: A Chronological Offering For The Broken Hearted

St & Liam - Fresh Crops