Instrumental: Prone Da BeatMurder - The Hidden Mixtape Vol. 2

Instrumental: MoonChild & Prone - Fusion 1.0: A Watchers Project

Stream | Instrumental: Prone Da BeatMurder - Deadly Symphonies: A BeatMurdaz Mixtape

Tryste Escritor - El Llanto De Una Lágrima (Chile)

Joe Blow - Undecorated Veteranz (UK)

Invest: The Book Thieves - Getting Close To Midnight (UK)

Produced by Fredo, Mafegi, Kaloo, Nephyu, Skratch Zilla & Sam Zircon
Vocals by Legoman & Ollie Mac
Cover design by Ralph Peskett
Executive produced by The Book Thieves & Steady Ro


Instrumental: Samurai Del - R00TS Vol. lll

Invest: Audible Doctor - Can't Keep The People Waiting

Brand new EP from The Audible Doctor featuring Astro, Hassaan Mackey, Consequence, Bumpy Knuckles, Guilty Simpson & John Robinson. The EP is entirely produced by The Audible Doctor.

Phydeliqs (Steady Progress & WHIT) - Revenge = Success

Narcoskeptic - Middle Fingers Up

Don Miguel - Waiting For Carmine

ChillHop - The Essenchills Volume 1

Absoluto Independiente - Otro Día Mas (Puerto Rico)