Video: Kill Emil - Mandinga

Video: Evil Ebenezer - Right Now

Video: Sunspot Jonz - Oatmeal Soldiers

Video: Liqid - Roue Libre

Digital Desmond - The Cunt

Con-Man - Bogies & Coffee

Con-Man x Dj Low Cut

Onetzu - Lemonade

Fubar & Supreme The Truth - Impending Doom

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Video: Jswiss - Four Corners (Prod. Dee Jay Element)

Video: Rayka - Crimen Con Capaz

Video: Back to the Ark - Unknown Mizery (Prod. Arkeologists)

Video: Tha Soloist - Rockin My Timbs

Video: Apakalypse - Persistent Antagonist (Prod. Agonist Soundwave).

Mr. Pen - Post Detonation Poetry

Прав Pride - Близкие Маски

Instrumental: Hexsagon Presents - Dave Brubeck Beat Tape

Sofa Brown - The Days That Don't Exist

Instrumental / Stream: Klonopin - Lovers

Urban The Element - Poetical Insight

Rafael Z - The Ladybug EP

Mint - Condition

Proc & Bourbon Presents - Wurdsmif Jenkinz & Grammer Rhymezwell - Build a Spaceship

Invest: Equal Xchange - Unreleased

Instrumental: The Beatfonics Crew - When You Don't Know What It Is, Then It's Jazz

Invest: Ray the Wolf - Five Bucks

Filth - Earthtones 2

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Jam Baxter - The Rearranged Features


Video: Mike the Martyr ft. Muja Messiah - Gettin' Saved

Video: Uptown XO - Rugged

Video: Alzymerz - Track Marks

Video: Dash - Nomau Vo Vore

Video: Mic Boyd & DJ IV - Familiar

J.D. Of Duality - My Christian Xperience

Callahan Montoya - Please Continue

The ContraVerse - Expect Results (ft. Gift of Gab)

Scaro-Narkotik - Avant l'Heure

Bishop - Ready 4 Whatever

Instrumental: The Jazz Jousters - Take 5 with Dave Brubeck

Invest: Shawn Lov - Waiting For A Ghost (2007)

Sha Stimuli - Homeless (Single) (Prod. Focus)

Sonnyjim & Kosyne - It's About Time

Instrumental / (Invest): Mr. Green - Collage

 on his site he was like, if you cant afford it just drop a message and ill pass it to you, maybe worth a try ;)