Time To Chill

laters : )

Bamalam - Chest Of Draws

Produced by Cystic | Cuts by DJISGOD
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Last Resort. 

Reydon - Greasy Gobb EP

RazorKingz - Reign Drops EP

"Reign Drops" is RazorKingz' debut EP and is a joint release between Royal Industries and Paraletic Universe Records. Recorded and mixed by DJ Sokol, mastered by Tom S. Ray.

All beats produced by Tank, all cuts by DJ Zeeny and lyrics by Boomstick, Lego, Chattabox and Spitfire (Essex), artwork by Chris Torres for Dojo Design Studio. 

Instrumental: M-13 - Warghosts 2: Deep Underground Part II

VA - Alktraz Prisonniers Du Monde

concept7 - Album Two: Broken Elegance

Instrumental: Laghuāditya - Le Périple De Laghuāditya