Senoi & HK - Conscience Aveugle

Stream: Justis - W.A.

Uknow - Looking Up

Mr Brady & PCH - Tacoshophilosophy

Prince Mackerel - Ox Blood

J. Green - Classified Section

The Beatfonics - The Beatfonics Mixtape Vol. 1

Black Lotus - Lotus Notes

Black Mask - Us and Them (By Maulskull) (Instrumentals)

 Link (non instrumental)

Skrewtape ft. Tame One & Nems - Like That (Produced by Mr. Green)

Link (Soundcloud (WAV))

Evan Ill (Evolve & Ill Fisto) - The Come Up EP


Zilla Rocca - Michael Caine Glasses (Has-Lo Remix)

The first single off "Party With Villains EP"

Video: Copywrite ft. Illogic - God Save The King

Video: Propo'88 & BlabberMouf - FlabberGasted

Boog & Red: Hearing Visions

Invest: Evan Ill - The Ill-P

Nice one, check it out!

Video: Rich Kidd - Boiling Point

Video: Ugly Duckling - Turn it Up (Live)

Video + Link: Hazardous Material - Dangerous Goods


Inglorious Basterds - Support Budget Hip Hop Mixtape

Emilio Lopez & RJBeats - Vice City Nights

The Dugout - Take The Field

Changing Of The Guard - Changing Of The Guard

Tommy C And Vas - Separated at Birth

Invest: Brain Kave Music Group Network Web Radio - The EvILLution Vol. 1

Young Catalyst - High Definition

Video: C-Rayz Walz - Winter (Wonderland Glow Mix)

Link (Vimeo)

Video: 2UGLi - Dios Perdoname

Video: Poetic Death ft. Vida Killz - Dreamer

Video: Brown Bag AllStars ft. Akie Akie Bermiss - Say It Now Prod. J57


BMHills - No Stress

Invest: Klashnekoff - The Sagas Of Klashnekoff

His newest release, good stuff as always, check it out!

Dallas Freedom & xQz - Pulse (Instrumental)

LyriCalligraphy - Lyrical Calligraphy Vol​.​1

Funky DL - Def Lyricist

Video + Link: DJ Low Cut ft. Fran-P - It's A Party

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XT - The Introduction

Figarate - Misery Guts

Iron Rose - The Just (Deluxe Edition)

Stream: Special & Sadat X - BX to T​.​DOT (Cuts by DJ Hush)

Al Basics and Danger James - The Palette

V.A. - Soundcloud: The Mixtape

Remain Hazardous - Common Denominator

Free download for limited time only

Eclecktik - Behind The Mic

Rizván - Lost In Translation

Video: Nick Javas & Renagade - Game Time"

Video: Furax, Jeff Le Nerf, Swift Guad, 10Vers J'Commence Ma Journee Inglourious Bastardz

Video: uMaNg - If It Ain't Real (Prod. B.B.Z Darney) (Cuts Dj Grazzhoppa)