2032 - House Burning Down (Prod. Edd Bundy)

Stream: Hands Of Vengeance - Mortified (Beat by Boroda)

Rated R & Silly Grinn - Demonic Disciples

Instrumental: Cooking With Caustic - Live & Direct (Live) (Australia)

Mogli Da Foulchild & Mr. Debauch - Agitated Propaganda (AgitProp)

Légitime Déviance - Légitime Déviance [0​.​1] (France)

Instrumental / Invest: Petrovich Underground 161 - The Power Of Music (Russia)

For lovers of hip hop 90's

Invest / PreOrder: Smellington Piff - Notice Of Eviction (UK)

Smellington Piff's 18 track debut solo album 'Notice of Eviction' out 8th December 2014 on Real.Life.Drama Records.
It is entirely produced by Leaf Dog and features Son Doobie (Funkdoobiest), Rag n Bone Man, Leaf Dog, BVA, Verb T, Fliptrix, Lee Scott, Bill Shakes, Jack Jetson, Eric the Red and Cracker Jon.
Available to Pre-Order now on CD and Digitally, Limited Edition 12" Vinyls Coming Soon.

Produced by Leaf Dog

Instrumental / Invest: The Jazz Jousters - Locations: Brazil

Millennium Jazz Music would like to present our second Locations project as we bring you the Brazil edition and continue to explore the different sounds, styles and cultures from various countries around the world.

During the making of this album some of us dug up some beautiful musicà as we studied Brazil and found inspiration in the history, the stories and the pride of the people and their love of their musicà.
We hope you can hear and feel our inspiration through the results of this session. This one was so special it was decided that it would be recorded on another batch of limited collectable cassettes ..a decision which was also influenced by another one of James Greenway's designs on the cover, cassette and inlay card, before we even completed the album. 

Invest: Cappo - Unicron

A four track masterpiece from UK legend Cappo and the final production from acclaimed producer Stealf. This EP is simply SPECIAL.
Make sure you support UK hip hop and get this in your collection.
Also includes a very special Evil Ed remix. 


Critical C & Roomah - A Decayed Plane Of Existence (UK)

Love Equals Omnipotence - All In A Daze Journey

Benefit - Word of Mouth (Instrumental & Acapella)

Instrumental: mononome - Tale Of The Phoenix (Greece)

Instrumental: La 18ème Chambre - The Black Chamber Chap 3 (France)

DuMaR, Crescendo & OneIIMany - Compilation: The Best Of ŠI - Unreleased (2001 - 2007) (Croatia)

Unleashed By Science - Rooftop Logic

Ali Gaddafi & Hanzo DKST - Distinct Motive Vol. 1 (USA | Poland)

Love Equals Omnipotence - Spiritual Intelligence (Prod. Large Professor)

Love Equals Omnipotence - W.I.N. Vol. 2: Left Out Stranded Everywhere

Brady Haze - Tales Of 33: The Drifter, The Dreamer

Kyle Hubbard - You're Not That Special

2dk&One - Trutka Na Szczury EP (Poland)

Stamina - Prison De Verre (France)

XPLICIT & L.E.O. - Blue In The Vein

Love Equals Omnipotence - The Boombox Theatre

Love Equals Omnipotence - Whatever Is Necessary Vol. 1

Esso P - Out There EP


Jinkstrumentals - Instrumentality (UK)

Bill Biggz & B3NBi - Burn EP

Instrumental: MC Kiyoshi (緩急) - 変わらない人 (Japan)

Brothers Grim - MFTW (Canada)

Maiksta - Vo Stressstodt Noch Cooltown EP (Austria)

Rozewood - Black Caesar's Ghost B​/​W Shibuya Shrine

Clops & KEVORK - Ayo, Wanna Rap On This Track Vol. 2

Heavy Links - Natural Disasters (UK)

Mental Devil Slayer - Begotten Son

Supreme The Truth & Seiza - Code Of Silence (Prod. Edd Bundy)