Soul Jugglerz - Tongues Of Terror

Sam González - #Únicos (Spain)

Instrumental: Widowmaker -The Asahi Sessions EP

Pjúnior - Dedicado A Quien Me Escuche (Argentina)

Instrumental: Sup Nasa - The Beatfonics Crew Track (Italy)

Image - Poisoned Philosophy (UK)

Fanetic & Pulling Stringz - Pyramids On Mars

Scotty Hinds - Fuck You Bars (Australia)

Instrumental: Sup Nasa - Jazz Cookies (Italy)

Rome Cee - Glimps EP

Filthy Gutter Life - Broke Too


Instrumental: Common Sense - Thisisme (Remake)

Haze & EvillDewer - Outer Limits

Instrumental: tvrtlebeatz - Traveler

Invest: VA: East-West Sessions - HHV X EWS #005

The East-West sessions try to bring together various musicians from different genres, disciplines and styles into one big live jam session.
Most of the artists involved know each other from their respective individual projects but the East-West Sessions strive to mix them all together on one stage, away from their bedroom studios and laptops.
The vibe is organic and loose with the occupation of the stage and the instruments constantly changing and artists inviting each other onto the stage and improvising away.
The jam takes place at Panke, an inspiring location in the heart of Berlin's vibrant Wedding district - the venue buzzes with creativity, hosting various party concepts, workshops and exhibitions throughout the year.

Founded by Figub Brazlevic x Krekpek 2013
@ Panke, Gerichtstraße 23 Hof 5 Wedding


Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D.) - Winter Breaks

Diamond District - Erything (Diamond D Remix)

Archon - White Wolf LP

Instrumental: Adalbert Of Dekonstruktionists - Wolf Is Back (Poland)

Tuka - Feedback Loop (Australia)

Audio88 & Tillevision - Für Eine Hand Voll Spucke (Germany)

Invest: Bombdrop - Dark Dayz

" Dark Dayz "1st album of producer from Boston

featuring Kool G Rap ,Crooked I, Celph Titled,Tragedy Khadafi,Prince Po,Ruste Juxx,Rock(Heltah Skeleel,Shabaam Sahdeeq,Milez Grimez , Skanks & Gstats of Bankai Fam,Doap Nixon,Blue Raspberry,Bloc Mccloud,Nutso,Blaq Poet, F.t Stand out ...


Awon - Matte Black Soul

Soul Purpose - Eyes On Tomorrow (UK)

Official video here --> YouTube

Shozae & SageInfinite - Dark Minded 2

Instrumental: Stará Kazka - Brain Chain EP (Instrumental) (Ukraine)

Invest: TRPL-R - Everaw EP

MC's: Phacz / Lee Ricks / Che Uno / Kirk Steele
Producers: Nu Aira / Wyze Intellect / Venom

Instrumental / Invest: Illinformed - Maintain The Supply (UK)

ApRock JoiningForces presents with The Snowgoons DJs - The ReMixTape

Esoteriq - Paradoxa (France)

Crusa & Rice Master Yen - Casey Jones (USA | Germany)

Instrumental: Frankensteeno - The Highlife (Germany)

Instrumental: NTK's Beats - Sample Et Efficace Vol. 1 (France)

Boxxx & Egotistik - Dumpster Babiez (Australia)

BioLogic - Metamorphosis

Ill Citizens - Ill Mindz : The Mixtape