Linkan & Cap - Moodswingz EP

Yoshi Riot - The Contrast EP

Umse - Mehr Als Ein Bisschen (Prod. Deckah)

Skrewtape - Jazz Cigarettes (Prod. Mr. Green)

One Mike - Makin Moves

Anti Lilly & Envy Hunter - REdefinition

Trust Burnem - Pizza Boy Delivery

Instrumental: Padd Flow - State Of Mind, NY

Barsky & Fudge - Recycling

Jbenlad - Mon Naintérieur EP

Jay - Enonymous

Don Deal Duits - De Houdgre EP

Instrumental: 2dk - Zapatrzony W Sample: Beat Tape Vol. III

Instrumental: Tanya Morgan - Rubber Souls Instrumentals (by 6th Sense)

Baggies - Ça Sachet D'pot

Invest: Darez and Chance - Overseas

Darez (MC from Vannes / France) and Chance (MC from Brooklyn) met up on NYC sidewalks in january 2011. Sharing the same conscious vision of Hip-Hop, they teamed up to release "Overseas". 10 boom bap tracks, influenced by mid-school rap, full of scratchs, soul and heartful lyrics. 

Stream / Instrumental: The Krippled Khemist - Beat 222


Stream: Tanya Morgan - Rubber Souls

Villain & Kesti Present - Riot Music

M.A.B. - Abnoxshuz From U.K. To U.S. Vol. 1

Tonedeff - Hunter EP

Abyss - Alter-Ego

Instrumental: Raw Minerals - A Brief Introduction

Tall Can - Acid Jazz Gloves

Instrumental: Shag - Don't Mind Me

Tall Can - Mudbone

Schizaflow ft. Visceral Dirty - The Smokescreen

Instrumental: Bless 1 - Love

Menes The Pharaoh And The Prime Sithesizah - Cerebral & Celestial

Soundstereotape - Vol. 1

Track: Twizzy - Keep The Faith (Prod. 184 Production)