The Chausso - Parellel Parking For The Apocalypse

Instrumental: AbnormL Injustice - Mid-Evil

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The Demon - The Bedroom Secrets of the MC

Video: Double A.B. & Dub Sonata - Children of the Night

Video: 6 Cardinal- Lucifer ft.iLL PHiL (Prod. By Ayce Boogie)

Video: Dr Syntax & Tom Caruana - My House

Video: Freedom Writers - The Grille

Invest: Apakalypse - Blood Godz 2

Always worth it!

Richard Gein - Zombie Vomit

Instrumental: Yamin Semali Presents - Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1

Mishap & Dj Extremidiz - Sworn In


Phonoloftaleina - Spadam

Instrumental: Elmi Tha Moschi Presents - Audiopiates (The Beat Addiction Vol​.​1)

Rhyme Calisthenics - The Official Mixtape Vol. 1

Invest / Stream: The Audible Doctor - Doctorin

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Invest: L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Hopscotch Killer

2011 rls, first time in digital format.

Invest: Talk-Sik - Inner​-​War​-​Kings

Video: Rask (Mental Combat) - Pourquoi Je Rappe

Video: Dj Rich Boogie - Sucker Dj's

Video: Slowy ft.Forty MC - Unsere Stadt (Prod.12Vince)


Instrumental: Snider - African Beatchild

KC Carter & Nabeyin - It Takes Two

Invest: Born Unique - Heathen Season

Dope, check it out!

Die Psychotherapeuten - Der Funkmasterplan

The Fallen Son & Krystyle - A Poughkeepsie Horror Story

Briggzy - Victory

Instrumental: Jass Jousters - I'll Wind The Jazz Jousters

Manic X- The Diagnosis

VeeKay - Fade Out

Tommy C - Doubting Thomas

Video: Mr. Green & Rock Bottom - One Way