Equis - Réflexion Sur Mesure (France)

Rudy & Dekonstruktionists - Pjak (Poland)

Strangeway - Fresh Beets Instrumental LP (UK)

Slat - Limited Edition (Italy)

Dharani - Juste Un Coup d'Gueule (France)

Instrumental: Jeepz - Occam's Sword

Knightstalker ft. DeeLow - New Lease Of Life Single (Prod. Ladre-Music)

Instrumental: BrayZ - Une Beat Table! (Germany)

Finally - a new beat tape for free download out now! Just enjoy the vibe, download what you like and how often you like and make me proud with some dope lyrics!

Invest: Hex One & 5th Element - Hologramz (PreOrder)

Another benchmark for Hip-Hop duo Epidemic's Hex One, Hologramz pairs the hungry MC with an old friend, Mic Theory affiliate, and equally voracious producer: 5th Element.