Reds - Raiders Of The Lost Art

Onse TSW - Bootleg V5: Between 2 Worlds V2

DJ.E-State - Игра в реальную жизнь

Suquet De Rap - La Insumisión Del Alma


Drekt - Tides Of Destruction EP

Instrumental: The Beatfonics Crew - Vol. 8

To celebrate their 2nd anniversary the Beatfonics Crew release a new beattape. 
"This time there's no theme, no restrictions, no inspiring artist…no borders. There's just what we are."
Per celebrare il loro secondo anno di attività la Beatfonics Crew rilascia un nuovo lavoro. "Questa volta non c'è un tema, né restrizioni o artisti "ispiratori"…Non ci sono frontiere. C'e' solo quello che siamo." 

Shair - El Momento Justo

Invest: Man Of Booom - Back To The Booom

Figub Brazlevič, Teknical Development and JuJu Rogers are Man Of Booom - a three-headed body of music that has its roots in the golden era of honest and positive hiphop. The ‚Back To The Booom‘ LP brings listeners along on a redisco- very of a classic hiphop-vibe that is at the same time refreshing and reminiscent of the early 90‘s sound - its playful innocence and head-nodding beats represent contemporary hiphop in a paral- lel universe where the fundamental focus lies on positivity and establishing human connections through musical creation.
From the bedroom studio in Moabit, Berlin to the streets of London, ‚Back To The Booom‘ and beyond, Back To The Booom is a musical dedication to a culture and a state of mind that seemed to have been forever lost in the endless hallways of records companies and radio stations.
 - Man Of Booom brings it back. 


Big Jess & BiG WiZ - Glass Half Full

Minneapolis emcees Big Jess (Unknown Prophets) & BiG WiZ (Long DOE) have teamed up and brought their Northeast and Southside flavors together to bring you the album "Glass Half Full." The two have known each other for years but only recently collaborated on the song "Mind Over Matter" bigwiz.bandcamp.com/track/mind-over-matter-feat-big-jess-prod-by-big-jess on BiG WiZ's latest album "The Highs And Lows Of Nic Swisher." The next track they did was "Beard Game Proper" www.youtube.com/watch?v=5k32kXV9vgU and realized they had some great chemistry. So, like any rappers with common sense, they decided to make an album. Here's the FREE digital version which will drop Tuesday July 1st. There will be an itunes & CD version with added bonus material dropping late July.

Instrumental: Laen Worldvide – Beat Tape

Inke aka Vins Beats / Serbia / https://soundcloud.com/lahainestudio
Light Beatz / Serbia /  https://soundcloud.com/elitnaekipa
Zartikal / Serbia / https://www.facebook.com/zartical
Dzo Beatz / Serbia / https://soundcloud.com/dzobeatz
Dj Munja / Serbia / https://www.facebook.com/djmunja
Soul a-Tak / Montenegro /  https://soundcloud.com/soulatak
espikuer / Montenegro / https://soundcloud.com/espikuerbeatanga
Alx Beatz Original / Montenegro /  https://soundcloud.com/alx-beatz-origin
Encho / Bosnia and Herzegovina / https://www.facebook.com/enis.e.bajrektarevic
Dope Fantasy / Croatia / https://soundcloud.com/dopefantasy
Dino Beatz / Sweden / https://soundcloud.com/dinobeatz
Prod. by Magic / Switzerland /  https://soundcloud.com/prod-by-magic
Mellow CutOn / France /  https://soundcloud.com/mellowcuton
Eisenhauer Beats / Germany / https://soundcloud.com/eisenhauer-beats
Brennmeister / Germany /  https://soundcloud.com/brennmeister
JRP Beats / Spain /  https://soundcloud.com/jrp-beats
Maurikbeats / Latvia /  https://soundcloud.com/maurikbeats
Quick Stuff / Russia /  https://soundcloud.com/quickstuff
ScabBeatz / Japan /  https://soundcloud.com/scabbeatz
Matsuyama / Japan /  https://soundcloud.com/r-autobahn

Mad One & Ruler Why - The Asylum

Legendary San Antonio rapper Mad One and producer Ruler Why join forces to create a crazy album. DefJam Blaster adding classic hip hop cuts. All in all, very well rounded hip hop album.

Jon Doe - Λούπα με παραλλαγή EP

My first beat tape! All the work was done using FL Studio 10. If you enjoyed this album feel free to "burn it off the inernet and bump it outside"...

J1Three - Barcode

BARCODE is an exclusive J1THREE.COM released June 30th, 2014 & features Nottis, Jenes Carter, JB Envy, Shaun Price, Nickali Vocals, Apprentice, DJ A Mills, J Mauzarotti, Romski & Brit Spitz.