Heddshotts - Hip Hop Anonymous

Producers: Mello Dee, No Joke, Junior Makhno, Matteo Getz, P-Ro, Bojkez, Dash Shamash
Features: Moroney, Amadeus the Stampede, Aztech, P-Ro, Oblivious, Godmode
Scratches: DJ Slipwax, DJ Jakey Chan, DJ TMB 

Adam And Cuth - The Letters EP

Gummy Soul Presents 93 Still (Official Remix Album Of 93 Till Infinity)

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of 93 'Til Infinity, Souls of Mischief graciously opened their vaults to give Gummy Soul the exclusive acapellas of their classic album, to remix for the first time ever. 

Video: Rice Master Yen & Crusa - Wake & Bake

Proto - The Rogue Pen EP

Sadmink - Wantape Vol. ll

Instrumental / Stream: Beats4TheStreets - Gold Wax Vol. l


Stream / Invest: Mathematics ft. Method Man, Ali Vegas & Eyes Low - Cocaine

First time i link to itunes.... Link

Mer ft. Mad Child - End Of The Line

Humpasaur Jones - Breakup Music

Video: Wildelux - The Dugout / Stop Playin

Instrumental: Self Target - The Formula Vol. ll

Link (Bandcamp)
Link (Download)

Elespee & Prospek - Nola Noir

Instrumental: Chuck The Archduke - Breakthrough

Invest: VA - Johnny 23 Presents Freak Power Compilation

Invest: Glad2Mecha - The Jazzo Street Sessions Vol. l

Instrumental: The Overachievers (Tallen & DJ Proof) - Boom Bap Behavior Vol. 1

Video: Skiff - Dazed And Confused

Video: The Narcicyst- Phatwa (Directors Cut)