Interview: Wildelux

Wildelux offered me the opportunity to come up with some questions. Be sure to check his music out!

Here is a interview that Wildelux did earlier. Link

Hi Wildelux, thx alot for taking the time. How are you doing today and where you at?

a. No problem. Thank you for the opportunity!  I`m doing great! Feeling powerful and broadcasting to you from Japan.
Is there anything else you want to mention about your background that you didnt talk about in the last interview?

a. I think most of the people who know of me and my music, know I`m from The Bronx, NYC and I work very hard to put out great hip hop music.
In the last interview you said that the bourough (Bronx) you grew up in brought you into Hip Hop. Did your parents also influence you in that way and what type of music did they listen to?

a. I would say my parents influenced me with soul music. My father was a singer in a group back in the day and he was always singing. He was the original 45 king (no disrespect to Mark the 45 king). He loved music. When I was young, he tried to teach me how to play the piano, but that didn`t work.
Your doing music for really long long. Did you ever explore a time where you got tired of it or thought its just useless or consumes too much of your time?

a. I did at one point, but the love for Hip Hop music or music in general quickly diminished those thoughts. If I didn`t do music I would feel naked or strange. I know now that music is my calling and that I am at a point of no return when it comes to it.
You also mentioned bootleggers and other problems artists explore these days that make it harder to sell music. You think that got worse in the recent past?

a. It has gotten worst, but I try not to focus on it too much. You have to take the good with the bad. If we were making the money that we were suppose to be making, I feel there would be more physical product to sell, such as Cd`s, vinyl and cassettes. We make the money to re-invest in what we are doing. But when the money that`s coming in doesn`t match the money being spent, then as a business person you have to really think about how to use your dollars. Now there are other ways to make a living off of this music such as touring and merchandising and those are avenues that I have and will be exploring moving forward. When the old plan doesn`t work, you have to get creative.
Is there maybe also a positive aspect of all these blogs and the opportunites the Internet gives to the artists?

a. I love blogs as long as they are not giving our music away for free. If they are putting up links for people to purchase our music, I would think that the artist would really appreciate it, atleast I do. But to purchase our albums and then give it away for free........ how is that helping the artist?
Your quite active when it comes to Social Media for Marketing. Do you determine some reasonable positive results from that?

a. As you mentioned before that I have been doing music for a while and I have seen the constant changes in the business. With social media, it has put the power in the artist hands and it has given the independent artist a powerful tool to promote his/ her music, providing that you are doing it right! The results from from social media are most the time positive and immediate. Whereas in the past there were a lot of middle men you had to go through in order for you to get the music heard by the masses. But those days are no more! So what I would suggest for any independent/ upcoming artist is to make social media your job. When you are independent you are the president, the promotion dept, the marketing dept, the street team etc.
Do you have regular contact to some bloggers and give them exclusive stuff to post?

a. I don`t. I`m very fortunate when it comes to bloggers. The moment I release a project they usually jump on it right away! My motto is to stay focused on the music! Whatever love or hate comes with that, I just have to take it and keep it pushing!
You work alot with international acts. Is there any reason for that?

a. No particular reason. It doesn`t matter where you are from or what language you speak. If we speak the universal language which is music, then most likely we will build on making music.
You also shot the Video to The Mouthpice ft. Dennis Real in germany. Do you have a special connections to germany since i also saw that you retweeted something german. You even understand some german?

a. Shout out to Dennis Real and the 12 drunkies. People in Germany have been huge supporters of my music. People in Europe for that matter. With the 12 drunkies we just have a great chemistry when it comes to music. One of the first german producers I worked with was Suff Daddy! Hip Hop was in the air! I`m really looking forward to getting back to Germany soon!

What about tours? Do you have some ideas about doing one and if not what are the main reasons?

a. Right we are trying to make that happen. That is something that I will be really focusing on in 2014. That is the next stage/ level of my music career. The problem is finding people who are serious or business minded about putting together tours. But as I said, you have to take the good with the bad. It`s going to happen regardless!
Your still having a show at Blackan Radio?

a. I do, but I had to take a little break from it to focus on my music career.
With whom would you like to spend one night (either party or just hanging out)

a. Hmm! That`s a good question, but if I had to choose an artist to chill out with, it would probably be Big Daddy Kane. I always thought Kane was a game changer when it came to hip hop music.
Thx alot for your time. Any last words?

a. I appreciate the interview and please be on the lookout for more new music in 2014! Much respect and thank you.
Wish you the best for the future! 


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