LG - Poetik Alliance (Canada)

Instrumental: Nino El Dino - Beats 13-1 (Germany)

Chuck Morris - 12 Bits & Pieces EP (Germany)

Instrumental: Petit Joueur (aka Echekewam) - 7 Jours Instru-Mental Vol. 3 (France)

Instrumental: I Am Heisenberg - Beats From The RV (UK)

Stream / Instrumental: VA - Calling For Peace Between Artists

This serial i made to make a peace between some beatmakers and artists who are also my good friends, and in fact they are really big musicians. But this is dedicated to peace all around. We only can make it happends together, there are no place to war. We are here to stop a real war, not to judge eachothers. Cold your heads and make a peace and good things wherever you go.
Bless from Serbia
Your Ogi feel the Beat 


Dj Hellblazer - Left Behinds Vol. 2

JK Ripper - Lost Thoughts (UK)

Stream: uMaNg - Accomplices (Prod. B.B.Z. Darney)

Fortilive - I vs. I

Bad Tactics - Cannabinoids EP (UK)

Kamala (DJ Ready Cee, El Gant & Parakhan) - Kamala

Instrumental: J. Sana - Beat Tape Vol. 5

Ill Az - How To Catch A Snake EP (UK)

Double Impact - Twice As Nice (UK)