Brotherhood Of The Wolf - Valley Of Darkness

Stone Messiah - Stone Caste

Instrumental: Ergoh and Yellowjacket - Pieces Of Our Last

V.A. - V​.​I​.​A​.​S.

Y Not Flow - La Y​.​E​.​M​.​A.

Smash Brovaz - Think It’s a Game?

Frank John James & Mickey Kickz - California Dreamin

Instrumental: CohenBeats - Milk And Honey

Invest / Instrumental: Floyd The Locsmif - In The Loop Radio (Episode 2​)​: The Elevation Hour

Video: Adam Bomb - Wait Until Im There

Video: Vertual Vertigo - The Schwetty

Video: JongsN & DJ s.R ft. Noa. - My Way

Video: Mr. Erbie & Tizzic - Bad Rules

Video: 10Vers - Tleta Wahad (Zone De Transit 2.0)


Benny Freestyles - Benny & The Jetta

Video: Jamaal Davis - Nightime Coolin

Video: Sean Price - How Sean Price Stole Christmas

Video: Soulbrotha & P!JAY - Es Könnte Schlimmer Sein

Video: Top $ Raz - No Patience

Video: Mic Flont ft. Kalil & Kasi- Grimey Pages

Werd Records - Mangled Monsters

Instrumental: Side B - Bodylanguage

King Ra - The Last Dragon

Invest: Anonamix - Skitoma

Marksman Lloyd - Lions On The Beach

JP Lime Productions - A Twist Of Lime

Haze of Main Aim - The Offering

Invest: RediBrown & HanSolo - Learn Respect Ft. Seth Mul (Single)


Mala Bizta & Dj Platos Violadores - Se Acabaron Las Vacaciones

Steel Tipped Dove - Ampersand Vol. l

Wone2 - 12​/​12​/​12

Stream: Código Obscuro - Tons Cinzentos

Antistandard ft. Ornicard - Sacré Ornicard

The Laz Show & Guidebook Beats - Successfully Disheveled Deluxe

Eli A. - Twelve The Tape

Invest / Instr.: DJ Doctor Chris - The DocProFiles 5

Defender of The Art - The Psych Ward 2

Babek - Protractor Practice

Journalist 103 - Gas Leaks

Instrumental: Lotek1200 - Saved By Hip Hop

Lyrikill - Retro

Instrumental: BoomBaptist - The Lost Files Vol. 4

Invest: Soul Khan (Brown Bag Allstars) - Psalm


Video: Supastition - Yada Yada (Prod. Marco Polo)

Video: Purpose & Confidence - Felony Findings

Video: 7evenThirty - Where It's At

Video: Lord Thus ft. BabylonWarchild Family - Toronto Transaction

Instrumental: PhilAudio - Vintage

Portside - The Wrong Way Home

The Underestimated - The Unexpected

Puget - Right Time

Puget - We Stay Lifted

Word Pimps - When Hip Hop Grew Up

ZeeDubb & Zpu-Zilla - Fuck Swag

Kemp - Primus Inter Pares

Imperial - Time of the Year (Single)


Video: Aesop Rock - Cycles to Gehenna (Zavala Remix)

Video: 소리헤다 - "출발선" (With Rhyme-A & DJ Wegun)

Video: P. Blackk - Coming Of Age (Prod. J. Rawls / Scratches DJ O Sharp

Video: Absouljah - The Real Type (Prod. Soulslicers)

Video: Dtach VS One - Heavy Barz

Video: Masta Buildas - Blood of The Innocent (Prod. Lord Gamma).

Stiftlyrics - Arschklatscher

Nity Gritz - Selfish

ALD Music - Ode To You (Single)

Kid Knapp - Gone Since I Got Here

Jazz Jousters - Golden Moments With Wes Montgomery & The Jazz Jousters

Jéan P - Just Because

Beefy - The EPs (2005​-​2009)