Instrumental: Track Diesel - City By Night

DIVIN3KINGDOM - Fellowship Cyphers Vol. II

Instrumental: Kato - Spaghetti E Polpette (Italy)

Legitski Syndicates - Legiski Producer Pre Release

DRF & Ghomez - Double EP (Czech Republic)

Robot Orchestra - Joint Efforts (Germany)

Instrumental: StereoJack Muzik - Wet City (Russia)

Subliminal - The Hate And The Love Subliminal Mixtape Disc 2 (Australia)


Invest: San x Elliott x Ronin - Nightmares Before Christmas

Konspi - Archives (France)

Instrumental: Vinyl E.G. & Trix - Align Parallel B-Side (UK)

Tommy Solace Of Ill State - Say Somethin

Happy Holidays​.​.​. From HiPNOTT Records

Rated R & DJ Coach One - Deadly Combination

Onse & Sev - Au Milieu Des Loups (France)

Instrumental: Delapi - Skizzen Eines Träumers (Germany)

Mega Ran And Storyville - The Veggie Platter

Instrumental: Agent Smith 78 - An Agent Smith 78 Christmas

Mighty Moses & AspeK - Smoke Signals

Instrumental: The Illjazztic One - Superjazzalisticbeatsalidocious

Raheem Kemet & myndphlo - The Wind EP


Black Josh - The Blosh EP (UK)

Track: Baron Samedi - The Grinch (UK)

Rawdec - Misty Battlegrounds (Suisse)

Instrumental / Track: Лауно Лугос - Борнео (Greece)

The Chill Complex - Lost In Perspective

SestoMagn - Lexotan Mixtape (Italia)

Scribbling Idiots - Best Of SI Monthly

Instrumental: Jinkstrumentals - Baked Snow Winter Warmer (UK)


Invest: Boombox Saintz - Age of The Microphone

2nd Boombox Saintz album, but really a prequel. All the original tracks created when the group first formulated.Executive Producers: Super Ego & Dan Stacks
All beats by Super Ego

Peet Caliber & LuvJonez - Loaded Pencilz (Deluxe Edition)

Da Eremitez Of Underground - The Edge Of The Sword Vol. II (Russia | Ukraine)

Instrumental: Sycho Gast - Stardust (Turkey)

Theory Hazit - HazitMix EP (UK)

Julian Juellz - Employee of Art

Metikulus & Mark Jordan - Heavyweights Vol. 1

MC Baz - 6ème Sens (France)

Inferno 79 - Fragmente EP (Germany)

DND Beats & Prick Flair - Lightwork 5 (UK)

Emcee Logic & Absolute - Soul NOT For Sale 2

Scatty Stormborn & SixO - Thin Error EP

Omega Crimson & Backpack Beatz - TheGawd