Demo - Lition Up EP

Original Gargouilles - O.G. Vol. 1

Catalyst & Obvi - Alien Family

Eloquent & Digitalluc - Remix EP

Cellar Door & Halo - A World Of My Own

Instrumental: Funkprez & Jazzy Mellow - Lite Me Up

Gi3MO - Gary Guttersnypes One Point Five

Allein Zu Zweit - Sturm & Drang EP

Instrumental: BurntReynolds - MTskull Loops

Shakezpeare - Unfabricated

Jackal - Remiendos Y Remaches (2010 - 2013)

Instrumental: Jcue Beats - Zone 7: The Zonestrumentals

Dotz & Flo - The Flotz EP

Instrumental: The Jazz Jousters In The Cartes Of John Hicks - Digging Deep

QuiteFrankly - Anxious For My Epitaph

Falk - Archiv I


DŽUZEPE - Atdzimšana

Mighty Misc - Sci-Fi-Fo-Fum (Prod. Chuck Marlboro)

A journey through sci-fi geekery with your tour guides, Mighty Misc and producer Chuck Marlboro. 

Onse TSW & Sikadelik - Men Of Shadows

Invest: Morbiddenziller

This is the self-titled debut album from Morbiddenziller (Moreone & Denziller)
Other than Zircon Air, all of the Bonus tracks and Number One Fan - which was previously heard on the N.O.F E.P - the rest is exclusive to the project, although many of these tracks were premiered at Boombap Festival last year.
Physical copies will be available ASAP.

Invest: Anteek Recipes - The EP

Dope stuff from Zagreb / Croatia

Invest: Seekret Socyetee - The IL2 Word

The first album which launched Matt Embree's MDB Records, the IL2 Word is reminiscent
of the early 90s school of Hip Hop utilizing hard hitting beats and live instrumentation over an undercurrent of
socio-economic and political influences. 

Invest: Applied Science - Booze, Blues & Hip​-​Hop

Debut album from Applied Science (DJ Alkemy & Pun Ra). 17 tracks of pure Boom Bap Hip-Hop.