UK Runnings Presents - #EstateLife: Vol. 13

Tricksta and the infamous UK Runnings mixtape are back after a short break while why he was Daddy duty! After a massive full page feature in The Wire magazine, #EstateLife is back in full effect one again showcasing the cream of the UK Hip-Hop movement. Featuring tracks from artists all over the UK, this is a mixtape series you need to get up on!

Volume 13 features LATE, Karl Hinds, Trademark Blud & DJ Buzzword, Reckless, Genesis Elijah, Big Dutty Deeze, Tommy DMO, Manage, Stakka Lyrics, Blabz, Shakezpeare, Big Ribzy, Tabanacle, Nature The Kidd, Krazy K.O.T.T, Dox, Ricko, TBear, Loudmouth, Rukus, Ti2bs, Raggo Zulu Rebel, Conspicuous, Shameless, Jae Sosa, Airklipz, Mikey Smith & Gambit Ace.

Eta Familia - Etabliert


Jazz Spastiks - Dumb!

King Syze & Reef The Lost Cauze - Sigel

New single of the upcoming Reef The Lost Cauze and King Syze EP "Year Of The Hyenas'

Instrumental: Mot1v - Rebel

LapTop (vk.com/id13335123);
9Yards (facebook.com/roman.korostelev.3).

Dmitry Lastovka (bdraw2012.deviantart.com).

ACE THE PHANTOM (acethephantom.com

Wyze Intellect - Meditation Chapter II

A compilation of some of my best work dating back to 2007

Wyze Intellect, Othello (Ozay Moore), Muneshine, Ghettosocks, Theology3, Mr.Erbie, Ty Nitty, SageInfinite, P Genz, P-Hill, Kastaway, Terawrizt, Rawsoul, Nugget, dCypha, Nya Thryce, Nigel Woodz, Neva Hurd, Alphabetic, Guck, Mista Perez, Jyoung, P.H.I.L.T.H.Y, Poems,
 Venson, Omega, Red Pill, Chris Morale, Nu-Aira, Deedz 



L'oreille & L'artdue - On Dort Pas Vol. .​2

Instrumental: DuzzUp - So Whazz Duzz Up Vol. 7

“Duzz Down San” is an independent label that was founded by a group of Austrian underground musicians. The concept behind the label is to reach other underground musicians (which the name, translated as “so that you’re down”, refers to) by producing innovative music free of aesthetic or genre-based borders

Instrumental: Sinoptic International - Pure Dopeness Vol. 11

Sinoptic International is a strictly talented worldwide beatmakers collective (led by Dj Hellblazer x Dr. Dundiff) delivering free high quality beattapes. Our artists come from Japan, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Finland, Russia, Poland, South Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland...

Sysyf Presents - La Colline A Des Oreilles Vol. l

Ezo - The MarryWanna Mixtape

Oogie Zoogie & Infidelix - North Of Hell

An international colloboration has just occured between Scottish emcee Oogie Zoogie and Texas emcee Infidelix. The artists met in Scotland and went on many adventures with their mutual friend, Mary Jane. Over the course of two weeks they were able to write, record, mix and master the whole EP as well as performing some of the tracks to a live audience.

Kickit Crew- How Do You Feel