Live MC - Thought Tank Theory

mastered and recorded by Grizzly at Unit 10 studios.
beats from Grizzly and Friday Hero
All artwork by Josh Fitzwilliams

Street Presents - B.O.S. (Best Of Streets)

Street presents B.O.S.(best Of Street)The selection of his best songs of the last few years.he realize it with the collaboration with many gud producer like:Mütos da beatfantom,BohemeBoom Bap,Nakmuay Beatmaker,Highchief Beatmaker,krids Beat,Sasha Beatz,mallagaz,Harley Hustle,5TH EON

Χαρτοπόλεμος - Χαρτοπόλεμος

Ο πρώτος δίσκος των 'Χαρτοπόλεμος' (Βαγγέλης,Ηρώ,Νίκος)! Μία ιδέα που ξεκίνησε στα τέλη του 2012 και που επιτέλους πήρε μορφή στα studios της E'n'D Productions!
(no clue what that means, i just pasted it : )

Instrumental: Chase The Vagabond - Samurai's And Sunflowers (Concept Album)

An Unofficial soundtrack of the well known anime Samurai Champloo. A concept of what the soundtrack could have sounded like, if the Vagabond got a hold of it.

Semantix - Cold Plains EP

Semantix is an Australian Hip Hop crew from the A.C.T consisting of two emcees Adam and Matthew Higgins (Aplus and Mattrix) , drummer Seain Ward (Obsene) and DJ Rhys Dennewald (DJ Danggers)

Invest: Split Prophets - Upfront And Personal

Invest: Luca Brazi - Dying Proof

Broke Records Presents...

Luca Brazi (Granville Sessions, B.O.M.B) with his debut solo album,

Dying Proof

This host of tracks, journeying through a mix of soul samples, heavy drums and raw vocals, displays the skills this artist has behind the buttons as well as on the mic.

Ranging from overt pessimism to gluttonous vulgarity (with a few jokes along the way), Luca Brazi challenges some inner demons whilst leaving a trail of classic Hip Hop bangers! 


「lasko」- jazzis

Monster Mike, Frank Leone, Kolby Woods, The Klepto, Cam Cross, Kash Draco, Vince Mici, & Lu Hound
TWITTER: @laskobeats
INSTAGRAM: @jaksonwithnoc
“Much of mainstream Hip-Hop today focuses on shock value and targets generalities the mainstream youth can hype over.
As I went through each track I set on a journey to find a target memory from my past and used that as focal point for each individual song. I encourage people to simply listen and identify their own feelings and memories with each and every song. This is what Jazz is.” - Lasko
Lasko is a Chicago based producer who incorporates his musical upbringing into his work. Incorporating jazz, funk, and soul his mixtape entitled jazzis is mainly about the celebration of Hip-Hop’s roots through these different genres.
Lasko feels that the mainstream artists have deviated from the soul and essence of Hip-Hop. He would not go as to say that their music is bad, He just feels like they do not have as much substance and feeling behind it that it could have. This mix tape is his answer to that problem.
From sampling his least favorite Stevie Wonder song, hammering out drum patterns on his MPC and by paying homage via samples to Chicago legend Common and other notables from that time period he pulls out all the stops. Clearly the next generation of Chicago musicians know their roots.
This mixtape features verses from upcoming Chicago local emcees Monster Mike, Frank Leone, Kolby Woods, and Vince Mici. The track titled “Laws” is co-produced with South Carolina producer The Klepto. It also appearing are Kash Draco, Cam Cross and Lu Hound.

Stateovmind - Something For Nothing EP

The Debut EP from Canberra’s own Stateovmind.

This 5 track offering features contributions from some of Australia's premier beatsmiths including M-Phazes and Neversettle. As well as guest appearances from Ally Cowell, Seaz and Podbotiks.

Despite being recorded in his bedroom the “Something for Nothing” EP has a professional and well rounded sound. Most recently this was recognised on the launch day of Triple J Unearthed Radio, when Stateovmind was selected from thousands of unearthed artists to be one of the first played on the new digital radio station. The “Something For Nothing” EP is available for free now.

Filthy Skint - A Bit Of Change

Johnny Rakete - Per Anhalter Durch Die Galaxis

Stateovmind - Lost And Found EP

Whilst moving house in late 2012 Stateovmind found a collection of unmarked discs buried deep inside a cardboard removalist box. On these discs were four ProTools sessions filled with rough unfinished songs and concepts, all of which were recorded over M-Phazes beats that State had originally acquired in 2007. Stateovmind had long thought that these discs, beat stems and recorded demos were lost forever until this rediscovery. The beats hidden on these discs carried the distinct drums and vintage sound of M-Phazes, and so State decided that they were too good to be left unused and that they should be heard.

In mid 2013, Stateovmind then re-wrote and in some instances re-recorded the four once forgotten songs to update them and bring them to life. 5 years after their original conception, the four tracks now carry new meaning and a fresh reinvigorated sound.

State has finally shown these beats justice as they are now showcased on his latest EP 'Lost and Found’.

Long thought to be lost forever they have now been found...

Davu - The Sun Do Move

MEDL4 - The Fountainhead

Originally released in 2012 this EP offers a glimpse into my views on the world.
All production/mixing is my own.

Stateovmind - Better Than Postcards EP

Canberra’s Stateovmind returns with his new EP ‘Better than Postcards’ (BTP), the follow up to his well-received debut ‘Something for Nothing’. BTP quite literally picks up where his debut left off, as only days after finishing his first EP, Stateovmind took off backpacking
 around Europe much like many other first time travelling Australians.

While away, Stateovmind linked up with European based beatmakers and MC's, gathered some beats, collaborated with some great artists and had many unforgettable experiences. 4 months and 14 countries later, the new 8-track EP is the final result. 

「lasko」- jazzis

Stream: Context & Jimmy Flipshyt ft. BVA & Sinks - Incomparable

Stream: Markis Precise ft. Elzhi & Fashawn - Kiss The Ring

Stream / Instrumental: Lost Perfection - Spiritual Movement

Stream: lasko ft. Monster Mike, Frank Leone, & Kolby Woods - Asinine


Generic - Visions

Fronky Pro - Chute Libre

Ruthless - The Therapy Sessions Takeover

The Therapy Sessions Takeover is the third part in the series of 'Takeover' EP's released by Ruthless.
A Takeover project is simply Beat Tapes that have been released by talented producers, that in fact get slept on by the majority of UK's artists/rappers. In which case - Ruthless takes it upon himself to use the majority of beats on that said 'Beat Tape' and releases a whole EP produced by said Producer.

The first TWO Takeover Projects where produced by Readings 'DeadMan Walkn' and Stevenage's 'Redskull' - two VERY talented professionals. This time its Manchester's Diligent Fingers (of the Abnoxshuz camp) featuring raw honesty in cold diary like written lyrics with a variety of beats taken from Diligent Fingers Beat Tape 'Therapy Sessions 3' 

Instrumental: X-Labs Presenta - X​-​true​-​men​-​tales Vol​. ​3

Pragmatic Theory - #MASSACR

#MASSACR (MCs Against Soft Sucker Ass Corny Rappers) is a collaborative collective that came together sometime in the mid-end of 2013. Hip Hop is the driving force of this collective, which hails from all over the globe. Comprised of DJs, Producers, and MCs, they vow to massacre(#MASSACR) the mainstream's depiction of Hip Hop culture.

They have featured on each others projects in the past years, now they bring their 1st offering as 1. #MASSACR, self titled project is an introduction into the abilities of this powerful collective. Raw, real, bars, pain, and joy a few words to describe what they bring as a unit to the music, the culture of Hip Hop. With production from the West Coast, East Coast, Mid West, and South East your head should be in constant bop motion. ENJOY!!! 

Instrumental: Camufingo - Persian Origins


MadAntiks - Stereo Food

Produced by Robin Rizla, Recorded at DUBWHY STUDIOS

Instrumental: DJ Criss Fade - Barrio Beats #1

2014 www.brokaholiks.de - All beats are produced & mixed by DJ Criss-Fade. Photos & Artwork by DJ Criss-Fade. Please note: The beats aren‘t free for use. Don‘t use them without permission.
For inquiries contact „info@brokaholiks.de“. 

Marek Klippendichter - Ungehemmte Fahrstuhlmusik

Mix/Mastering: Orangefieldmasteringstudio
Artwork: Abraham Quantosch de Nostre
sämtliche Vokale: Marek Klippendichter

Narrateur - Passivement Actif