Video + Link: The Bastard Sunz - Regression Therapy Prod. Beat Butcha

Link (Mixtape)

Video: J.Moy And Shynobi ft.Chip Fu and Amir - Dangerous

Video: Innesence ft.Maloney - Let's Take a Walk

Video: Fakkt - Traurig Aber Wahr

Video: Art Form Rejects - Prototype

Video: Omniscient ft. Locos Por Juana - Dream

Invest: Edison - People Are Bad (Instrumental)

Some tight beats, check it out!

88 Till Infinity - The Archives Part 2 (Instrumental)


Sever - Hooligan Lagoon

Zetta & Tortsen - Sitzbank EP

Gritty City Records - A Nightmare on Meade St.

M.A.B. - The Cranky Files

Invest: Art Form Rejects - Blood Written In Ink

Sound promising, check it out!

ElyonBeats - Museum (Instrumental)

Bliss & DeeAre (Ascended Masters) - Reflexions EP

The Beatfonics Crew - O.S.T. (Instrumental)

Thx for the Link!
Link (Mediafire)

Video: Megaloh - HipHop