ONYX - Cold Case Files Vol. ll

16 rare, unreleased ONYX tracks.

James Digger & Mad One - All In One Life

Instrumental: Beattrix - Take It Back To Bring It Forward

Guerilla Godz - Unmask The Phantom

London U.K.-based producer Solomon Caine presents the Guerillla Godz: a collection of MCs from across the globe.

Jag, Collie Herb, Arem, Gekko, Carpenta - 3Tanne Cypher

Invest: Mr Melta & Remulak- Snap Out Of It E​P

Royal Flush ft. Nutso - Flushtown (Cuts DJ Modesty / Prod. Grand Papa Tra)

Video: Radamiz - New York Don't Love Me (Prod. Electrical Requiem)


Rozewood - The Ghost Of Radio Raheem

Awkword - World View (Bonus Disc)

Ibn Hasan - Still Climbin Vol. ll: Help Me Rise

Instrumental: Barsky & Fudge - Junger Ruhm & Früher Tod

Μέρος Α' - Τα παιδιά απ' τη γενιά της Γκιλοτίνας

ONYX - #WakeDaFucUp (Prod. Snowgoons)

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Invest: DJ Nastee Presents: 12 Block (Taste The Terror & A.Math) - M​.​I​.​S​.​T. (Movin Island Style Thorough) EP

Unreleased 1994/1995 demos from the Hard 2 Obtain Camp. 

Video: Parallax - Hip Hop Philosophy (Prod. Sam Zircon)

Stream: SciFi Stu ft. yU, Boog Brown & Hus Kingpin - Thru Life (Cuts Chinch 33)

Video: Supastition - Nothing Like It (Prod. Croup)


Jonny Die Krähe & Nino El Dino - Wappen

Illuzivshadow - Featured On: A Collection Of Illuziv Tracks Vol. l

ZK - Final Thoughts

Instrumental: Aneeway Jones - Tomo Utca

M.u.D. - Doobiesound

Instrumental: Cut Beetlez - The High Jump

Stream: The Star Seeds "K-Murdock & ParanormL" - Zombified

Stream: Configa Presents - Calm Before The Storm

Invest: Sickless - Horus

Artwork by Domink Heilig

Invest: N.B.S. ft. Killalilitt - Budavets (Prod. AZA / ScarcityBP)

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Video: Chief Kamachi - A Decade Of Scars (Prod Lyricallockness)