Exile - Cassette

Caveman Theory - The Stone Quartet

Godamus Rhyme - Cocky Bastard: The Bootleg Files​.​.​.

Godamus Rhyme - The Adventures Of Rhyme & Sense

I.C.F. - Stuck Off The Realness (Prod. Beatbusta)

Dj Swordkilla - Express Ourself

Invest: Rediculus Presents - The Morning After 2012 Remixed and Revisited

Chace & Soul By Da Pound - 7​ ​Day Weekly

Drive-Error ft. Benny Diction & LeeN - Word Power Play

Nicky Brix - ClassiCrates

DJ Halabi Presents Ghandi - Eastern Promises

Minds Above The Clouds - Sonnie's Day Off

RJ and Technique - Gosu

Azarel Star - Shooting Stars

Instrumental: Sinitus Tempo - Deadman Wonderland

Loki - Friendly World

Chill Bump - The Loop


Original Text - The Out Number

Sayth - Cave Journals

Instrumental: MadWlad - The PadHead

Dezine - Rough Hands The Mixtape

Science Of Progress - Everybody's A Critic

Invest: DJ Sammy B​-​Side Presents - Wordplay Sessions Volume 2

Ill Dots - Hutch​ / ​Keep Goin

Invest: Paulie Rhyme & Deedot - T​.​R​.​A​.​N​.​S. (Single)

Those Fools - Gas Money

Invest: Doape Children (Cornbread Children & Doap Nixon)

Invest: Chess Move Cartel - A Kings Foresight

Invest: Son Of Saturn - The Escape Artist


Kallsen - Tauschobjekt (Remixes)

VA - Ear Hustle Vol. 1

Destruct & Ideology - The I.D.

At least they took dope instrumentals and flow nicely over them...

Zeps - Yall Play Too Much

Caliobzvr and 6th Strict - CALIdelphia

Asylum Seekas & DJ Four-Q Presents - The Chronicles of Sarnia

BKLYN Stickup Presents - The Gold Tape

The Hashtronaut - The Fresh Prince of Bellingham

Invest: DJ Mickey Knox - All For The Love

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Link / Video: TxE - Tetherball

Video: Neek The Exotic feat. DJ JS-1 - Real Deal Hip-Hop (Prod. Audible Doctor)

Video: Ceschi ft. 2Mex & Awol One - Same Old Love Song

Video: The Legion - Keep Your Eyes Open