Stream: Kid Fade ft. Mike Saietta - Seeing Red

Cain & Rez The Silverback - Gorillaz At Large

Instrumental: The Eighth - Electro Soul

VA - Cult Classic Records: Friends & Family 3

Trevor Lyon & Imagine - Imagine That

Teach - Use Your Head

MilitantxMindz - Origin$

Instrumental: Pure Fact - Project B

StradivariuS - Pirates


Mad One And Kizersoze - AK's & Bibles

Mosik & Cosm - What You Want

PJ ft. Earthworms & Sadat X & DJ Mahf - Souls On Fire

Piloophaz - Skyzominus Puzzle Box 3

Borni - Ré­su­mé

Instrumental: Ogi Feel The Beat - Moonwalker

Kwervo - SAI: Pacto De Hierro

Piloophaz - Moissons Tardives 2004 - 2007

Nandofight & Amyk - Serious Sound

Villains - Cannonball Run

Invest For A Good Cause: Soulmade & Praverb - Progression b​/​w Maturation

Rest in power PRAVERB !!! May your legacy live on!

All the money (minus bandcamp fee of 15%) from this 4track digital album will be donated
directly to Praverbs family for the funeral costs. 

Stream: Kryptic ft. PSL - Rebels Voice


Strangers Of Necessity - Tangerine Avenue

Stan Doubt - 1st Impressions

A-Bomb - Regain Power

Rukas - The Scribe Enlightened

Rome - Rome's Cutts

Ill Science - Getaway Classics

Invokal - Music From The Matchbox Mansion

BC & Monowax - Priceless / Do It All The Time 7"

T.R.S.H - Etalon EP

Invest: Venomous2000 - A Moment To Reflect 3

This 25 track compilation is the culmination of Venomous2000' extensive collaborations and sessions during the years of 2012-2014. The album features production from producers ranging from Boston, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, London, Jersey City, Passaic, Japan and more.
 All tracks were mixed and Mastered by Trilian out of Serbia!

Rated R & Edd Bundy - Siamese Psychos 2

Instrumental: Most Phear Presents: The Beat Soul-Lution


Pat Messy - The Elevation LP

Invest: Arkeologists & Unknown Mizery - The Love Tape

Pawz One ft. Awol One - Everything I Want (Prod. Maker)

Stream: Def Dee ft. One Be Lo - Toss N Turn

Stream: PJondabeat - PJ Undercover EP


Ap Ebonix ft. Mfn Melo - Quietude (Prod. Bugseed)

Mr. Malchau - 2 Crack 4 Radio (Chapter Two)

Hexpir - Projet AK

Cutta Chase & Daryl Donald - The Clockwork LP

Instrumental: Sensori & Con Design House - Habitation

Jay Roacher & Alphabethead - Judge Me Before You Know Me

Instrumental: La 18ème Chambre - The Black Chamber Vol. 1

Drud - Balance

Sacred Science - Fractal Dimensions

KmaYz - The OutLook

DJ exAlone - Scratch Business

TRPL-R ft. Kirk Steele - 90's Bak (DJ Pack)

W.O.N. - We Own The Night

Mo-D X PCP - Belle Époque (inkl. Instrumentals)

Instrumental / Invest: Most Phear - Beathe AtMostPhear

Invest: S.Kalibre - September 12th (Digital 12")

Invest: Sin7ven - Dreamsomnia

Invest: Dr. Creep - Annihilation And Tranformation

Invest: BetthuckerGang - Psychonautenpoesie

YSL (Yamcha & Slivanoë) - Avec Pertes Et Fracas


Instrumental: Nimell - Trips Of The Mind

William Pascal - Lapis Niger l'EPigrafe

Instrumental: RedRonin - Nothing Special

Jabrjaw - The Loosie King

Instrumental: For Beat's Sake - Beats From The Swamp