D. Strong And Macapella - Sacrifice

Instrumental: M-13 - XIII

Bolesnik & Toti - Maturski Rad

Instrumental: Bonny Larmes - Last Night: 50 Jazz Beats

Invest: A June & J Beat - Dreamer

Instrumental: Divine Arkatek - Deadly Melodies Vol. l

Invest: King Syze - Collective Bargaining

Fake Four Inc. - A Record Label Sampler Volume 5

Invest: Apakalypse - Origins


Profound Poets - Hindsight EP

Instrumental: Artifakts - Unearth The Break

Sky From D Squad - Coffee And Lyrics

Solo For Dolo & Don Producci - Back To Basics EP

Dirty Louisa & Le Dissident - Violons, Cuivres & Grandiloquence

Hooks & Status: Death Is The New Black

Goldies: Hard 2 Obtain - Ism & Blues (1994)

Goldies: Kaotic Style - Down 4 Whatever (1995)

Goldies: Gauge, Rubix, I.G. Off & Hazardous - Phonographic Material (2001)

Goldies: Kess - Against The Law (1997)

Goldies: Lao Fai ft. H2Boss - SpitOver90 (2001)

Goldies: Laster - Misery (1997)


Vingthor The Hurler VS Sick Jacken - The Legend Of The Re​-​Mixed Mask

Invest / Instrumental: Mr Brown - Music Capsule Vol​.​1 - The Number Station

Invest / Instrumental: Olde Soul - Judo Is M​.​E. (Maximum Efficiency​)

Goldies: Royal Flush ft. Big L - Thorough Fam (No Clue)

Goldies: Creative ft. Hi Tech - The Presentation Remix (1998)

Goldies: Citizen Kane - Structure, Foundation (What's The Plan) (1996)

Goldies: Big Kwam - I Don't Give A Whut (I Don't Give A F... Part 2) (1996)

Street Poets - Mindless (1995)

Goldies: Decompoze Presents ft. Juice (2000)

Goldies: Big Meal - Put It On Em (1998)

Goldies: Aboriginals - Keep It Hot (1996)

Goldies: Shabaam Sahdeeq ft. Joe Sexx & Mr. Eon & Reservoir Dogs - Takin Over (1998)

Goldies: Inner City Prophets - 90 Proof (1999)

Goldies: Rawcotiks - Magic Chef (1998)

Goldies: D.M.F. - Elohim / Throw Your Drinks Up / The Anthem (1998)

Goldies: Dark Skinned Assassin - Unholy (1996)

Instrumental: C.Smith & Rob.D - Black Jack Project

Donnalbain & Dark Energy - Dark Matters EP

Instrumental: Gee - Days Of Future Past

Broady Champs - Starvation


Capiche & Omi1 - Growing Nations

Instrumental: Lamark - Xmast Joints

Verso Libre - Silencio

Sareem Poems & Imperial - God Bless The Child (Track)


Instrumental: Paroxyzm - Expired Tapes. The Other Side

Goldies: Big Foot - Bring It (1997)

Goldies: B-One - Verbal Affairs (1997)

Goldies: Sandinistas - Madd Luv (Laboratories Remix) (1997)

Goldies: Tucka Da Huntaman - Da Hunt Is On (1995)

Goldies: Rapper Ness (Of Dynasty) ft. Mecca Villain - El Hajj Malik (2001)

Goldies: Da Rail Black - Thuz 3 Wishz (1997)

Goldies: Robo - Raw Like That (1997)


Instrumental: Matatabi - A Memory Fades Away

Famoso & Shaz Illyork - Set Em Up (Track)

Beeyoudee - Laisse Les Pas Faire

Notion - Pride On My Cufflinks

Stig Of The Dump - Free Sh!t

The Brewdem - Broken Biscuits Vol. l

Invest: DJ Sonny, Shadowstar Boxer & Mac - P - The Apollo Strain

Instrumental: Human Maze - Tales From A Strange Man

Video: Lego - Droppin' It On 'Em'

Video: Mark Deez & Kanis Lu - Musique

Video: John Robinson & PVD - Off The Wall

Video: Lord Lhus & PSL - Ground You Walk Upon (Prod. Dirty Dike)

Video: Ed Rowe - Close But No Cigar

Video: Trace Blam & Soul Chef - Stress

Video: Organizing Is The New Cool Soundtrack - Wrath Of The Siafu

Video: Shuko & F. Of Audiotreats - Sunset / Deeper (Instrumental)

Video: Skanks ft. Raf Almighty - The Huntsmen (Prod. Kyo Itachi / Cuts Dj Fastcut)

Video: The Regiment ft. Toki Wright - The Solution

Video: Benefit ft. PumpkinHead & Famoso - Killa Kannibals

Video: Split Prophets ft. Jman - Weedmasons Anthem

Video: Ramson Badbonez - December - Let The Others Know


SoulGifted - Audio Elixir

SoulGifted Are Mykeeblazaa, JRod, EyeVL, DiamondJacob. Productions by EyeVL, Mylow, Mykeeblazaa & Bruce Leekix (Pro Era). 

Instrumental: VA - Tour De Manège

Invest: Son Of Saturn - Zen Lunatic

Bio Circuits - Robosapiens

Instrumental: Beat Merchants - Vinylized Vol. l

Baby Bean - Grounded

Instrumental: Pragmatic Theory - Horizons

Conz - The Definition EP

Video: Truth Universal ft. Sybil Shanel - Motivated (Prod. by DJ Waht)

Video: JMEGA The God - Bobby Johnson

Video: M.Padrón feat. Full FX - TF Skillz (Prod. MPadrum's)


Instrumental: Green Assassin Dollar - Willow Weep Beat Tape

Restto - Esta Es Mi Guerra

Instrumental: Kurdish Jackson - The Bogotá Connection

Instrumental: Шаен a​.​k​.​a. Cheyenne - Valley Of The Masters

Moore & Exit Only - The Trickle Down Effect

Track: Klempner Van Heusteig - Beat 148 (Instrumental)

Instrumental: Sean Pizza & Rice Master Yen - Distant Visions

Video: Propo'88 & BlabberMouf - Put Em Up

Stream: Wildelux - Efforts And Excuses (Prod. Lafayette Ave)


Instrumental: The Jazz Jousters Take Note Of Oscar Peterson - Autumn

Shoda Ish - FoxP2 Third Single Drop

Invest: Has-Lo - Exhale (Digi​-​Single)

The Bench Warmers Clique - The Ugly Album (Instrumentals Included)

Instrumental: Bmbu - The Language That You Dream In

SoundCloud Joints Vol. l

The Liberators - Fun Since Day One

Priest - This Thing Of Ours (Prod. Jaze Baqti)

Instrumental: Thomas Prime - The Instrumental LP Vol​.​ ll

Now available for Pay What You Want

Invest: Triple Darkness Presents: Ray Vendetta - 7 Swordz Of Light

Einzelgänger - Remix Collection Vol. 1

Video: Crown ft. Scylla - Ecrans De Fumee

Video: Red Martina (Stoupe, Noesis, Hayley Cass & Ish) - Outside

Video: Logic & Last Ressort - More True Talk


OnlyDaHotShit - Compilation Vol. lll

All links included (free downloads, BUT donate if you like it!)

Flatbush Zombies - Regular And Complex (Prod. By Erick Arc Elliott)
Tekneek ft. Kevy Boi & Episodic - Crying Angels (Prod. Magikal Hoz)
Tha Soloist - Feel Me (Appetite)
Animal Cracka - Animal Writes
Awon & Phoniks - Get Yours
Chris Birdd & Jay Rilez ft. Tosin Salako - In My Own Time
Context & Bert Badge ft. Oneselv - Work Life Juggle
Die Lauszbuben - Schrecken des Schnapsregals
Digitallux  - Rapresentinger (Cuts Mr Polaroid)
Dust ft. Milc - The Devil's Sons
eMCee Killa - Outlook
Heddshotts - Four
Ill-iteracy - You Don't Care
Image ft. Text Offenders - Cryptomundo
Joey Keys & Aza - The Apple
Jonny Empire - Sidewalk Gospel
Melodious Monk - Poetically Raw
Mike Murderer & Z.A.K.- Hi Fidelity
Nuggy Gee ft. Def Men Walking - That's All I Do
Paradise Capitals - Angels & Demons ft. Advise (Prod. Dseize)
Class A'z & Funzo - Never Let It Go (Prod. Pro P)
RaRE & Co. ft. Rare - Bobok (Pprd. Smokeout)
Rice Master Yen ft. Othello - Keep It Movin
Sense One - Ocean State Patriot(I Just Wanna Know) (Prod. Zenky House Poductions)
Soul Providers - Properness
SoulChef ft. Awon & Tiff The Gift - Just Do It
Starvin B & JMProductions - Perfect World
The Procussions - Fall to Fly
Von Poe VII ft. Sleep Sinatra - Solar Windz
White Mic & Equipto - New Beginnings
Beeyoudee ft. Dj Fresh Cut - Avant D'Me Consacrer Au Rap (Prod.8Nerve)
Ibis Giant - The Door
Baron Samedi ft. Dise Beats - Louder

Dame-O - Dame Meets World

Wisecrack The Scribe - Sick Doctor

Mars & Robot Orchestra - The Pursuit Of Prestige

Creeps (Jive Cuttah & Rated R) - C.R.E.E.P.S

Smash Bros - Rehab