Instrumental: Trakzmon9er - Instrumental LP

Shaun Harris - Old To Me. New To You.

Cheebo/Cosm - Dissonance (UK)

Instrumental: Matsuyama - 1Loop Scratch Beat Vol. 2 (Japan)

Hellaween - A Hippy Mobb Adventure

Invest: Soulution Presents - In Memory Of Praverb The Wyse

MC Praverb and producer Soulution decided to make an EP together this year. Praverb reached out to Soulution asking if he wanted to produce his new album after Praverb stopt writing and recording for a while. Soulution sent over beats and Praverb was getting ready to write to them, but two weeks ago, on the age of 31, Praverb was taken away from this earth. Soulution was dedicated to finish this album to honer their friendship and to support Praverbs family. He used Praverbs acapella's and made music around them.

**The profit made with this album will go to Praverbs wife and son, so feel free to give some extra.

Stream: DJ JS-1 ft. O.C. - Turn The Tables


Versatyl & Pilgrim - Wax N Facts

Kharisma - First Impressions

The Etherealist - Ethereal (Single)

Instrumental: Pro P - Local Slang

Mickey Kickz - It Gets Drastic (Single w Remix & Acapella)

L'Orange - After The Flowers EP

Instrumental: Jeepz - I'L​(​L​)​-​G o​-​R h y t h m

Poeira - Jazzz

Instrumental: Mickey Kickz - The Double Sided Sword


Clasiko - Boomshakalaka

Шаен a​.​k​.​a. Cheyenne - Da Eremite Of Babylon

Black Body - Black Hole

12Mé - Hier + Demain

Estados Alterados - Babas En Tu Coño

Chi Money - Photographic Melodies

Stream: NjS ft. Funky DL - Can’t Be (Prod. Marcus D)

Invest: Grimace Love - Strength

Instrumental / Invest: Samadee & Simon Knight - Samplus (Germany)

Invest: Brak - Στέλνω ένα μήνυμα (Greece)


MuGGz & Scene 5 - The 5th Scene

Instrumental: Nextwon & Mishap - Taverna Beats Vol. 1

Fess Gotchu - MVP 2.0 (Prod. Third Eye)

Instrumental: Oudies & Fryz - Implosion EP (Chile)

In'ovative Mc - Rise

EzDread - Promise In Distance

P.C.P. - Poisonous Pair

Mostafa - Calendar Year Vol. II

VA - Synesthesia Records: Shotgun Carousel

Monte Smith Presents - The Wargasm LP

Instrumental: Beat Tape Co-Op - Quick Picks Vol.1

Mega Trife & Nonsense - The Wormhole Trilogy

Instrumental: Norf And Endure - Diggin In The Tapes (Columbia)

Bongobo Zen - Remix EP (Germany)

Instrumental: Irah Cane - The Beats That Made It


Instrumental: The Other Guys - Seeds Of Ambition

Kid Robotik - Pancakes & Bacon EP

Instrumental: Rkwhy & 6press - ?

Blu - Soul Provider (Stan Getz Remix)

ADM & Narrateur - Du Berceau À La Fronde

Instrumental: L'indécis - Oldies

Nokta - Héritage

Instrumental: Aura Audio - Sketches And Experiments

Grand Killa Con - Born 2 Gain (Digital 12")

Instrumental: Burnt Reynolds - The Balancing Act

R0$H - Doves & Snakes