Video: DJ Lord Jazz ft.. Aarophat - Eagle Eye

Upcoming: 3 The Hardway ft. Big Remo (Inc Records)

looking forward to that rls!

MeRCY - Prelud3

Teo Grajales & OKA - Medallo & Barna (Single)

Ed Rowe & Third Eye Focused - Intellectually Raw

Invest: Locally Grown Cltv - No Colored Flowers

Instrumental: VersOne - Wettermann

Instrumental: w!SEGUy - Magnum Opus

Instrumental: Simple Craft Beats - Art Of War

Muneshine - There Is Only Today (The Remixtape) (Mixed by Sonikcuts)

Lokeye - Loveraps

Invest: Brikaza Records Presents - Nothing 2 Prove Vol​.​1

Stream / Instrumental: 6th Boro - Golden Years of Radio

Filth One & Born5thChild - The Loophole

Mike Fate - Tippin the Scale

Hajduk - 21 Kartek

Stream: Апокриф - Дивні Думки

Stream: Notos - Diverse Songs

Karikatur - Expédisound

Instrumental: Key Minor - Boy Meets World

Invest: Thom Stockton - The Second Coming

Instrumental: Poldoore - Dreamworks

O&D - Safe Travels

Busy Bars & Tob1 - No Respect


Video: Sean Born - Grandeur (Prod. Kev Brown)

Video: Tony Bones ft. Slug A.G. (D.I.T.C.) - The Story Of Moral

Video: Dirt Platoon feat Ruste Juxx - Dirty Work (Dr No Remix) (Prod. Oh No)

Mr. Green ft. Malik B - First Leak From Upcoming Release

Link (Vimeo)

New Cocoon - Post Modern Mechanics

Poetiks - Fun's Over

Sean Dan and Rod - Double B Side

Grand Crue - Best Served Cold

Wun - Wun EP

Go-Illa Productions - No Biting

Clavius Crates - Nineteen Years

Napalm - God Sounds EP Vol​.​1

Netikrumo Principas - Pasaka Rytais

Instrumental: Con Beatz - The 2012 Beat Tape

Flow Patrol & Vanilla Present - The High Life In Soft Focus

Ree Set One & Mickey Kickz - More Soul For The Children

Sevadar Sehaj - Wachuu Know?? (Soul / Funk)

Meddling - Indulgence (Single)

Marsgod - Playersball

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M.W.P.: The 2012 Collection

Sykon & Loriot - Dosis

Invest: Dotkom & Japandrew - Day Dreamer

Invest: Unknown Mizery, Ali The Son Of Abdul & Aneeway Jones - When Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday

Raw Data - Drills

Instrumental: Evolve One - Less Is More

Invest: Newport Stress - Blessed With Stress

Middle Ground - One Hitters Vol. 2 - Smoke Alone

Ill Dots - Dream Gypsy

S-Man (Semantix Tha Sorcera) - 4D

Venemous Ink - 2013 The Year of the Snake

Handles - Done Thinking

Acoosmik & Les Rimailleurs - Passe le Mic (Digital Collector Pack)

Instrumental: Medium Troy - Friday's Child

A.V.I.U.S, Mane Rok, Rhias - New Beginning (Single)

Instrumental / Invest: Gadget - Sequences 2​.​0

Sabotawj - From The Rubble

Invest: Mark Deez - The Oracle 2: Ascension

Chox Mak & Henny Tha Brain - 40 Ounces (Prod. Bunty Beats)

The Understudies Crew - CC5: Collected Compliments

Shape Lord of the Barflies - Fall of the Powerlines

Farout - Social Security

Dregs One - Easy Rider (Single)

Velcro & Gas Lab - Incomprendido

Instrumental: Andherpackage - Timeless

Invest: Phillies (of Wisemen) - Welcome To The Detroit Zoo

Pro P - Boom Bap Beat Tape Volume 3

Invest: Tea Sea Records - Chest Of Treats

B.Done & SpaceGhost

Invest some to get the whole album!

Invest: Copywrite - The Rarities

KMT - Craft & Culture


Killamari Allstars - Volume ll

Instrumental: Doktor Rheal - Giant Breasts

C.Shreve The Professor - Table Scraps

Emassin - La Belle Noire