Invest: VA: East-West Sessions - HHV X EWS #005

The East-West sessions try to bring together various musicians from different genres, disciplines and styles into one big live jam session.
Most of the artists involved know each other from their respective individual projects but the East-West Sessions strive to mix them all together on one stage, away from their bedroom studios and laptops.
The vibe is organic and loose with the occupation of the stage and the instruments constantly changing and artists inviting each other onto the stage and improvising away.
The jam takes place at Panke, an inspiring location in the heart of Berlin's vibrant Wedding district - the venue buzzes with creativity, hosting various party concepts, workshops and exhibitions throughout the year.

Founded by Figub Brazlevic x Krekpek 2013
@ Panke, Gerichtstraße 23 Hof 5 Wedding

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