Ruthless - The Therapy Sessions Takeover

The Therapy Sessions Takeover is the third part in the series of 'Takeover' EP's released by Ruthless.
A Takeover project is simply Beat Tapes that have been released by talented producers, that in fact get slept on by the majority of UK's artists/rappers. In which case - Ruthless takes it upon himself to use the majority of beats on that said 'Beat Tape' and releases a whole EP produced by said Producer.

The first TWO Takeover Projects where produced by Readings 'DeadMan Walkn' and Stevenage's 'Redskull' - two VERY talented professionals. This time its Manchester's Diligent Fingers (of the Abnoxshuz camp) featuring raw honesty in cold diary like written lyrics with a variety of beats taken from Diligent Fingers Beat Tape 'Therapy Sessions 3' 

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